Stamping bearing 608

MOQ:1 set
Payment:Irrevocable letter of credit at sight/paypal/western union
Supply Ability:5000000 sets/per month
Shipment time:7-50 working days once getting customer’s confirmation.
Packing:single box/tube/industrial packing then cartons,pallets for sea shipment.

stamping: 608 Lubrication: grease
Material: steel board Service: OEM Service
Structure: Punching Package: bulk packing and plastic tube
Type: Ball Bearings Sample: Available


Product Description

Punched bearings are generally no longer cut or require only a small amount of cutting. The accuracy and surface condition of hot stamping parts is lower than that of cold stamping parts, but it is still better than castings and forgings, and the amount of cutting is small.

Stamping is mainly classified according to process, which can be divided into two categories: separation process and forming process. The separation process is also called punching, and its purpose is to separate the stamping parts from the sheet material along a certain contour line, while ensuring the quality requirements of the separation section. The purpose of the forming process is to make the sheet plastically deform without breaking the blank to make a workpiece of the desired shape and size. In actual production, multiple processes are often applied to a workpiece. Punching, bending, shearing, drawing, bulging, spinning and straightening are just a few of the main stamping processes.

The surface and internal properties of the stamping sheet material have a great influence on the quality of the stamped product, requiring accurate and uniform thickness of the stamping material; smooth surface, no spots, scars, scratches, surface cracks, etc.; uniform yield strength, no obvious Directionality; high uniform elongation; low yield ratio; low work hardening.

Application:children’s bicycles,bags and suitcases,Carrier rollers,Convery rollers,Wheel chair,Lawn mower etc