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1,Quality control
Stable quality comes from our advanced manufacturing equipment, optimized production process, the strict control for each production process, strict quality testing, and excellent product packaging.

2,We provide the whole production process – port monitoring pictures and real-time video services, so that customers have an immersive, real-time understanding of the flow of goods dynamic.

3. 1 to 1 services, to ensure that every customer of each order and each decision can executed.

4. Service system – pre-sale to verify requirements, production control, product quality, packaging, customer knowledge before shipment, help the customer timely customs clearance documents sent out, the arrival of the goods follow up, customer feedback, until the last set of NSAR bearings sold the client and use,Clear and definite division of the department to ensure that the sales, production, quality control, shipping, documents and other processes are timely and smooth.

5, New products developed,Non-standard customed.

6.FOB, CFR,CIF, Door-to-Door

7.To make us as the customers branch office in China, help customers inspection, transportation, and supplier negotiations

NSAR Team 1
NSAR Team 1
NSAR Team 1