Pillow block ball bearings-Stainless steel block

MOQ:1 pcs
Supply Ability:600000 pcs/per month
Shipment time:5-50 Days
Packing:single box/industrial packing then cartons,pallets for sea shipment.

Product Name Stainless Steel Pillow block ball bearings(such as SUCP,SUCF,SUCFL,SUCT,SUCPA etc.This types of bearing include UC bearings and pillow block. Brand: NSAR,3D, OWO, NASA, CBQ, OEM brand
Type: SUCP,UCF,UCFL,UCT,UCPA etc Certificate: ISO
Original: China Application: UC bearings Material:Stainless steel 440/420;Housing/pillow block/bearing block material:Stainless steel.


Product Description

Stainless Pillow block ball bearings/pillow block bearings have a compact structure, reliable sealing, and convenient loading and unloading. It is mainly suitable for low-speed and heavy-load applications.