Do you choose the right lubricant?

As we know, lubrication is very important to the bearing. Because the bearing can run smoothly and stably only under the action of lubricant. However, not all lubrication can protect your bearings, because we must choose the correct lubricant according to the application area.

The basic characteristics such as viscosity, additive packaging and consistency (for grease) should be carefully selected according to the bearing type, speed factor and operating conditions. If these factors are not fully considered, and inappropriate lubricating oil is used, the lubricating oil may be overstressed or insufficient to meet the lubrication requirements of the machine. In either case, the bearing may wear out and fail prematurely.

So, how should we choose lubricants correctly? First of all, we need to know what kind of bearing lubricants are available. Second, we need to understand the choice of lubricant performance, then understand the principle of use of bearing lubricants, and finally choose the lubricant. In this way, the most reasonable lubrication effect can be guaranteed when the bearing is lubricated. Choosing good grease can increase the life of the bearing by 2-5 times; 70% of rolling bearings are lubricated with grease, and the correct choice of grease will greatly reduce bearing failure.

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正如我们所知,润滑对对轴承作用是非常大的,也是十分重要的。 因为轴承只有在润滑剂的作用下才能平滑稳定的运行。但是,并不是所有的润滑都可以保护你的轴承,因为我们必须根据应用领域选择正确的润滑油。






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